When you think of welfare unit hire – we want your mind to go straight to Honeywagon!
We are leading the way when it comes to providing you with the latest – and yes greatest – towable welfare units on Scottish soil.

So, what is a welfare unit? A welfare unit is most commonly, but not exclusively, used to provide self-contained, convenient facilities to staff and workers on construction sites. Given that most construction sites start off as empty plots of land, welfare unit hire is the most efficient way to guarantee that the needs of your workers are met…but hiring a Honeywagon mobile welfare unit guarantees that all worker expectations and your own expectations are surpassed.

It is a legal requirement that your site have a dedicated and well-maintained area which is exclusively focussed on delivering welfare facilities to your employees. This also ensures you are fully compliant with all Health & Safety guidelines outlined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This also includes having a suitable area to treat any illnesses or injuries away from potential risks posed on other areas of the site. Essentially, these areas become your on-site office, canteen, changing room & of course include additional bathroom facilities.

Therefore, our priority is to make sure that all of the mobile welfare units we provide meet the exacting standards as laid out by HSE. If one of our welfare units arrives on your site, you can rest assured that it has been fully-serviced, expertly maintained and is ready to become the practical and social hub of your site – for however long your need it.

What can you expect from a Honeywagon portable welfare unit? Well first and foremost they must provide sanitary and washing facilities which – lucky for you – we know all about! Our welfare units have independent bathroom areas, which come complete with a toilet and a standard basin with warm running water. This is essential for providing more than just basic sanitary standards – again laid out clearly in HSE guidelines.

We also provide quality antibacterial soaps and hand sanitiser, paper towels and toilet paper in our well-lit and well-ventilated bathroom areas. Portable toilet hire is our speciality and so we pride ourselves on the facilities we offer – regardless of whether they are in our stand-alone portable toilet units or as one of the areas included in our mobile welfare units – they are Honeywagon approved, and they are the best.

Though no doubt charming in their own way, construction sites can often be cold, wet and chaotic working environments – particularly here in Scotland. It is for this reason that welfare units should not be an oversight when it comes to planning the logistics of your construction site and how you can best cater to the needs of your staff.

Our welfare units have a dedicated drying room which staff are able to use for changing, hanging up and drying clothes, tools and protective equipment. These spaces are equipped with a compact heater and are lockable which helps to prevent unnecessary expense on tools and other equipment which may be lost, ruined or stolen.

Additionally, our units provide a more than comfortable rest space to relax and recharge away from the busy energy of the site. Our units have canteen-style seating areas, complete with tables and mobile charging points so workers have the opportunity to take advantage of their downtime in a space which offers modern convenience – something they will definitely thank you for.

There must also be suitable access to drinking water and a safe area for the preparation of on-site meals. Our welfare unit kitchen spaces have enough room for a kettle, microwave as well as a neat preparation area for staff to use during their breaks.

Welfare units must also include a locker area, so staff have a safe and secure place to leave their own belongings. Our mobile welfare units provide all these amenities to staff in our fully equipped and LED-lit units. We pride ourselves on having top industry-standard welfare units which promote safety, care and the optimum wellbeing of your on-site workers.

The importance of morale in any working environment should never be disregarded as happy workers deliver quality work. This is not about simply providing the basics, this is about creating a suitable working environment which contributes to overall productivity, efficiency and ultimately company reputation.

We like to ensure that our facilities provide an element of luxury – regardless of whether they are for a construction site or a Hollywood production site. So, our units will always have that Honeywagon feel – arriving on site clean, well-maintained and fully serviced, ready to cater for every need of your workforce.

Placing worker welfare high on your list of company priorities can have unlimited benefits. Firstly, there is no doubt that when worker welfare is a carefully considered and appropriately monitored, staff are happiest – which is reflected in the speed and accuracy of the work they produce something that is crucial in these types of settings.

By providing appropriate spaces for welfare, that are not treated as a necessary but unimportant afterthought can be instrumental in making sure that when your staff are working, they are producing the highest standards that you and your clients expect – the smile on their face is just a bonus from us to you.

Our ethos here at Honeywagon is to help deliver you peace of mind with regard to your staff’s needs, but also your needs as an employer. Therefore, we sought to provide the most advanced welfare units on the market which have gone beyond providing basic welfare provisions to workers. We wanted to have units which considered your needs as employer – something we recognise as being just as important on a well-functioning site and at the core of any successful company.

We know that on-site security can be notoriously difficult, and we believe that our portable welfare units provide the best alternative to costly 24-hour security staff that the market has to offer. Our welfare units are state-of-the-art and equipped with the best industry-standard CCTV cameras which we can link to your mobile devices. This means that your welfare unit becomes the eyes and ears of your site when you’re not around – all at the touch of a button! You can oversee your site and your workers remotely offering the most convenient and innovative way to manage proceedings from a distance – alongside the provision of your welfare facilities.

We’re not suggesting that machines are more reliable than humans, but they are no doubt easier to manage, easier to care for and require the least upkeep – because we take care of all that too!

Perhaps the most unique and convenient aspect of our mobile welfare units is the fact they are towable. This offers a much more logistically sound option than traditional welfare units which have to be lifted on to your site and can frequently be dangerous and difficult to position. Our towable welfare units are sleek, manoeuvrable, able to reach any area a truck can reach and as welfare units go – they’re pretty darn good looking!

Our units are presented in our signature Honeywagon grey – which although the aesthetics of your welfare unit may not be an essential priority – we like to always look our best, inside and out! This helps set an overall tone to our company which translates onto your site. A tone of elegance and professionalism that you can always expect from Honeywagon, whichever one of our services you opt for.

They are also fully self-sufficient, complete with their own generator, so we don’t need to interfere with any of your site facilities. This is a level of convenience and reliability that is currently unrivalled and frankly unmissable when it comes to planning your next site or in the maintenance of our current units.

Our dedication to quality does not end once we have delivered your unit. We provide full welfare unit servicing, and we are more than happy to service the mobile welfare units of other companies which are already on your site. We can arrange for your welfare unit waste management, emptying, replacing all consumables such as soaps and paper towels and also clean your welfare unit so that when you or your staff open the door, they immediately are met with a respite area which you as an employer, and we as a company, can be proud of.

All you need to worry about is making the correct choice when it comes to welfare unit hire – and the right choice is always Honeywagon.

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