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Wedding Toilets

Wedding toilets are a great asset to your wedding venue or your wedding marquee. In Scotland the weather can be temperamental at the best of times, what is the saying, in Scotland there are two seasons; winter and June.

Well unfortunately, we must make sacrifices for living in this lovely country. However, with wedding toilets you can add a touch of luxury to event your wedding toilets with our luxury toilet trailer collection they can be added to your wedding venue inside a covered area or awning or walled garden, or if you are having your Scottish wedding in a marquee, the wedding toilets can even be placed inside an extra marquee.

Wedding Toilets To Hire

If you are have the touch of magic and feel lucky the wedding toilets do not need to be placed inside a marquee they can sit as an added extra at your wedding venue, stately home or your own personal home for your wedding. It may be nice to add a small 1+1 wedding toilet to your wedding in a secret walled garden where you can enjoy a string quartet, champagne and canapés before sitting down to your wedding breakfast. There are lots of different options for your wedding toilets. We have seen many of our clients dress up their wedding toilets with different decorations, be it flowers to match your bouquet, trellising to drape over the outside of the wedding toilets, wedding bunting to hang down or some festoon lighting to dress the outside of your wedding toilets – there is different options for putting your own personalised touch on your wedding toilet. Another idea for your wedding toilet is to add bathroom accessories inside your wedding toilet such as; a basket full of goodies like hair accessories, deodorant, sanitary products, baby wipes, mouth wash, chewing gum or whatever you feel your guests would be wow’d at for that extra simple touch to your wedding toilets.

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