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It would be no exaggeration for us to suggest than in recent years Scotland has been front and centre stage when it comes to delivering events which are admired the world over. And why would you not want to hold an event here? We have the scenery; we have spirit in abundance, and we all know that there is no crowd like a Scottish crowd!

More than that however, Scotland’s events industry has evolved substantially, raising industry standards in line with those you would find at any other world-class events. We have made it our mission to be a part of this movement, providing our own services which we believe are also best described as world-class.

At Honeywagon, when it comes to event hire, we provide the most practical and state of the art portable toilet hire, and portable shower hire the market has to offer.

So far, we have been lucky enough to provide our facilities to large prestigious events in and around Scotland including Comic Con and Scotland Rally. As well as smaller, team-building events run by our friends at Amazing Days. Not to mention the countless private events and weddings toilet hire – an area we specialise in.

Whilst they may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to planning your event – these are the most basic and fundamental facilities your event needs to include. What’s more – forget about them and you can be sure that people will notice at the time, long-after remembering that your facilities were not in-keeping with the standard of the rest of your event. Like it or not – these facilities matter and by hiring portable toilets from Honeywagon, embarrassing situations are easily avoided.

We made it our priority to not provide simply the basics but to take portable toilet hire to the next level – the Honeywagon level!

Your first decision is picking what size of unit you need. Now, of course, we can help guide you in this decision – we have lots of experience and all we need to know is how many people you are expecting.

We have stand-alone luxury portable toilet units which come with a toilet and our Honeywagon hand sanitiser. Additionally, we have our range of luxury portable toilet units which come in various sizes.

  • 1+1 (one ladies cubicle and one gents cubicle with one wash hand basin in each side),
  • 2+1 (two ladies cubicles and one gents cubicle/ one urinal with one wash hand basin in each side) and
  • 3+1 (three ladies cubicles and 1 gents cubicle + 3 urinals with two wash hand basins in each side),
  • 4+2 (four ladies cubicles and 2 gents cubicles + 4 urinals with three wash hand basins in each side).

As well as these units we have facilities which cater to those guests who have additional needs including wheel chair accessible toilet units with extra space for manoeuvring these units also include baby changing tables. It’s important to us that the needs of all our clients and your guests are met in a fuss-free and of course, luxurious way.

It doesn’t stop there – we can provide stand-alone hand sanitising stations which can be convenient not just in areas close to rest rooms but also are a welcome addition in and around your event or arena – particularly from a Health and Safety standpoint. Health and Safety is something we always consider to be paramount in the planning of any event and as a company we ensure exacting health and safety standards are guaranteed when you hire our services.

Where our portable toilet units for event hire go further than your average providers, is we have a commitment to being as green as we can be. Honeywagon Co. are certified by both the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) & Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE).

We believe a critical part of reducing the event industries overall environmental impact is for every strand of the sector to recognise their responsibility in this process – and this is something we do not shy away from at Honeywagon. In fact, some of our units use recycled water, our stand-alone units use 90% less water than conventional toilets. These features significantly improve the environmental impact of your event without compromising on quality of service or the experience of your valued clientele.

No matter what type of event you’re planning we have the facilities to cater for it, and we have so far loved to share in the excitement and joy of all our clients’ events so far. We consider it a real privilege to be part of your day whether it be for thousands of people or for an intimate wedding – we’d love to be there taking care of what we do best leaving you to enjoy what matters.

Perhaps an area where Scotland can most be said to have made an impact and cemented its place in the global events market, is when you consider festivals. Big or small – we are leading the way, and this is an exciting time to be involved in providing our services to Scottish festivals.

As the birthplace of T in the Park (gone but never forgotten – thanks to disposable cameras and well… a piercing or two) and now the TRNSMT festival, Scotland has become a global leader when it comes to musical events. Whether it be headline DJ’s from across the globe or The World Bagpiping Championships you’ll find it here and we think that’s something worth talking about and worth contributing to.

Okay – we know, when you hear the words festival and toilets in one sentence, its typically accompanied by some horror story you can’t quite believe is true. Funny as they may be, this is not the aim here at Honeywagon – in fact we intend to put an end to these eventualities. With our facilities there is no need for your festival to be providing anything less than clean, quality, well-maintained and well-presented bathroom and washing facilities to anyone who uses them.

Portable toilet hire for festivals is also something which requires considerable thought. Put plainly, they are the only part of your event which you absolutely know every single attendee is going to access. If you are planning a large-scale event, you’ll also need several of them. For example, Glastonbury typically installs over 5000 toilets for their four-day event – more than you thought, right?

This is why we have our portable toilet units and shower units ready to go and ready to provide these vital services to festival goers looking to be a part of your event, safe in the knowledge that expert planning and consideration of their needs has taken place.

Food & Drink festivals continue to be popular and again we have been able to offer up our services to some truly wonderful food and drink events who alongside a multitude of food and drink vendors also serve up quality entertainment and sportsmanship – what more could you want?

Well actually – we know what more – it’s the service and quality you are provided when you choose Honeywagon portable toilet units and hand sanitising units. Festivals are a great place to make memories so give your event attendees and festival goers the most seamless experience you can and let’s get this party started!

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Based near to Glasgow, Scotland. Honey Wagon Co supply luxury loos all over Scotland, with our range of luxury toilets we are able to cater for all event & corporate requirements.

With 10 years in the event industry we provide a professional service to ensure that your event goes without a hitch.

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