Supporting our sport stars with Honeywagon portable toilet hire and portable shower hire. Innovators when it comes to quality – hitting a home run every time!

HERE WE! HERE WE! HERE… at Honeywagon we are the number one supporters of all Scotland’s sporting heroes and lets’ face it – there’s a lot of them. From Sir Chris Hoy to Andy Murray, our proud nation has birthed countless sporting legends, with no doubt many more on the way.

We’re not sure if it’s our clean air, clean water or – dare we suggest – clean on-site facilities which have enabled our homegrown talent to flourish in the global sporting arena, but we have so far found the perfect recipe for success – long may it continue!

Alongside the individual successes of these notable sportsman, we have seen an increase in the number of sporting events which are now held in and around our beautiful country.

Of course, some years ago now, we laid on the finest Commonwealth Games the world has ever seen (in our opinion… and we may be biased), and since then many others such as The Ryder Cup in 2014 – which alone brought 250,000 visitors to Scotland, The CUI Track Cycling World Cup in 2016 and now Glasgow is to become the hosts of the UEFA Euro 2020, taking place this summer 2021.

In order that this winning streak continues, it’s important that the standards of our events go on to meet the expectations of our sports stars, sports clubs and spectators alike.

Our intension is to become the go-to providers of portable toilet hire and portable shower hire for sporting events in Scotland. And why? Because we believe we are the best both in the facilities we offer and also through what we offer as a company and within our own team.

In terms of our facilities, we can supply a squad of our finest, cleanest and top-quality portable toilet units for your sporting event. Our stand-alone portable toilet units contain a flushable toilet and a hand sanitising station in every unit.

Our stand-alone units also come in our custom Honeywagon grey. Whilst this arguably does not hugely impact the experience of the user – it massively contributes to the overall look and feel of your event. Gone are the garish, bright and obvious units you typically see sticking out like a sore thumb and in swoops Honeywagon with our crisp, sophisticated and on-trend grey units.

Additionally, we are able to include your company logo, the details of your sponsors or the event logo on our units which provide an important and unexpected opportunity for advertising around your stadium or grounds. This again elevates the look and feel of your event, giving attendees a custom experience that they deserve.

Given the globe reach of the events mentioned –this is an opportunity that should not be missed and has so far proved to be an attractive opportunity for potential event sponsors. After all, we know all of your guests are going to use these facilities throughout the day.

As well as our stand-alone portable toilet units we have our luxury VIP portable toilet units which would be perfect for VIP areas and of course for your distinguished guests who will be attending the event – including the sporting stars themselves. These units’ range in size, but can include:

  • 1+1 (one ladies cubicle and one gents cubicle with one wash hand basin in each cubicle),
  • 2+1 (two ladies cubicles and one gents cubicle/ one urinal with one wash hand basin in each cubicle) and
  • 3+1 (three ladies cubicles and 1 gents cubicle + 3 urinals with two wash hand basins in each cubicle).

Our luxury portable toilet units offer the opportunity to take your sporting event to a standard which would rival the best. Think porcelain sinks, soft but contemporary LED lighting and luxury fixtures and fittings you’d be proud to have in the background of your guest’s bathroom selfies. This is the look and feel we strive for at Honeywagon and if this is in line with the experience you’re hoping to provide, then our units are the way to go.

It doesn’t stop there; we know sporting events and the players themselves can often be left utterly filthy when all is said and done and in desperate need of on-site shower facilities. Well – we have that covered too. We have a fleet of luxury portable shower units at hand to supply your event with all of the washing facilities you would need to keep everyone looking their best.

Our portable shower units come in blocks of four cubicles with each cubicle containing a luxury shower with hot running water, a hook for your towel and clothes, a bench for comfort and a mirror for you to give yourself a little wink on the way out the door. Perfection!

Adding showers to your event has become increasingly popular, particular when it comes to sports fixtures and sporting events. It is particularly important for events which take place in remote locations, away from fixtures which have permanent showers and locker rooms. We provide our portable shower units wherever you need them, without compromising on the bathing experience you could expect in a sports ground or stadium setting.

It’s easy to implement environmentally conscious changes with minimal fuss. In fact, there is no fuss at all because we as a company are already doing everything we can to ensure when you chose Honeywagon you’re opting for industry-leaders when it comes to preserving Scotland’s beauty. This ultimately will keep our shores a desirable location for sporting events for many years to come – good for you, good for us and good for Scotland.

So far, we have provided our services to several of Scotland’s finest sporting events, including The Woman’s Golf Open which took place in glorious Troon, The Inverness Half Marathon, The Cape Wrath Marathon and perhaps an event in which our shower facilities were most needed was the infamous Tough Mudder.

Regardless of what style of sport you are catering for, our Honeywagon facilities are essential for guaranteeing that your guests, and those taking part in the event are meet with luxury and quality at every turn.

We believe we have a lot in common with our sporting heroes, namely we recognise the importance of team spirit. Here at Honeywagon we have a commitment to our staff and clients to approach all of the jobs we take on board with a “one team, one dream” attitude. We do not consider ourselves to be an entity all of our own, we understand that the success of any event depends upon the attitudes and commitments of all its participants – including the providers of necessary event facilities.

We have strong principles and as a family-run business we are all in this together! Whether it’s helping you jump over those hurdles every time or simply making sure our own staff arrive looking as sharp as our units – you can rely on us. Honeywagon is on your team, cheering you on!

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