Smaller Weddings with more heart!!

When did we turn so American? I mean in the sense of size. Us Brit’s are known across the world for our manners, our politeness, our poise (they obviously haven’t been to Sauchiehall Street pre lock down) but our weddings now are getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps, we are all a lot more social now and have more friends, but when I had my wedding (200 guests) my dad nearly fell off his seat, and this was before his third glass of Chardonnay.

Weddings do have a tendency to grow arms and legs, and trust me I am the prime example of this. However, working in the wedding industry for the last decade, I am loving that Coronavirus has diluted weddings. Brides and Grooms are now having to be brutal on who to invite to their wedding, (do you really need your aunties neighbour there?) but I honestly think this is a great thing! Weddings of 50 guests and less for 2021 will allow intimacy, bonding, private jokes and let’s face it; less expenditure. You can still have everything you wanted; the marquee with draped ivory lining, the lace tablecloths, the gold charger plates, the ivy over the flower arch, the homemade raspberry liquor as wedding favours, this can all still be done but now on a smaller, more intimate level.

Outdoor Wedding Toilet Hire

So for your outdoor wedding in 2021, let us worry about the luxury toilet hire, we can accommodate your number of guests from 10 to 50 so easily with our 1+1 luxury toilet trailer. Our 1+1 Honeywagon comes fully equipped so all we have to do when we arrive at your wedding venue, is plug and play. Included in our 1+1 Honeywagon or luxury portable toilet trailer is; luxury hand soap and hand moisturiser, 3-ply toilet paper, folded paper hand towels.

In both the ladies and gents you will find a porcelain sink, with a tap producing warm water, a vanity unit with a full length mirror too in the ladies, our push flush toilets are also porcelain and most importantly they are extremely clean. All our Honeywagon’s including our 1+1 portable toilet trailer’s are cleaned in-house, with our special blend of Zoflora and Covid-19 disinfectant meaning that you can rest assured knowing we haveyou covered for cleanliness and hygiene with our luxury 1+1 toilet trailers. So who cares that you are having a smaller wedding, smaller can be better as long as you have an abundance of love.

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