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Lights, camera, action! Hot off the press – it is all happening here in Scotland when it comes to film sets, series productions and brand shoots!

In January this year, The Scotsman newspaper announced that more productions than ever are looking to shoot in Scotland, and we want to be at your side providing rest room and welfare hire to this precious industry. How could you not want to be involved? This is about exciting as it gets!

However, more than that, it is so far estimated that the film and tv industry has contributed over £100m to the Scottish economy. So, this is not simply an exciting opportunity for our nation – but a lucrative one we should all be looking to support with our services.

It’s not difficult to see why film and tv companies have been so encapsulated by Scotland, with our outstanding beauty, heritage sites and of course the wonderful Scottish people who welcome them with open arms. With these qualities it would not be an exaggeration to say that Scotland is becoming a film and tv hub – attracting the most glamourous and established production companies to our bonnie banks.

In the last few years alone, Scotland has been the backdrop for some of the biggest films such as the Harry Potter franchise, James Bond, The Batman and of course Academy Award winning 1917 – we could go on and on! However, that would not be in-keeping with our modest British character to boast and instead we’ll tell you about all the exciting facilities Honeywagon can add to your production site.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that when it comes to welfare facilities the film and tv industry has always been ahead of the game. This is largely because, as mentioned, film and tv locations can typically be in remote and challenging locations – which although they add to the drama and grit of the final product are a logistical nightmare to service with adequate, fit-for-purpose welfare and rest room amenities – particularly if this includes VIP’s and celebrities who expect and deserve the best!

So, look no further! Honeywagon is here to cater to your every welfare need – in any site, for any length of time, we have your back.

In the first instance, we can provide your most basic and yet most crucial welfare needs which are sanitary facilities. Luckily, we have a collection of stand-alone portable toilet units which contain a flushable toilet, a hand sanitising unit and are well-lit and well-ventilated – in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) guidelines.

If you want to take your Honeywagon experience to Hollywood heights, then why not opt for our blocks of luxury toilet units which come in various sizes, but include;

  • 1+1 (one ladies cubicle and one gents cubicle with one wash hand basin in each cubicle),
  • 2+1 (two ladies cubicles and one gents cubicle/ one urinal with one wash hand basin in each cubicle) and
  • 3+1 (three ladies cubicles and 1 gents cubicle + 3 urinals with two wash hand basins in each cubicle).

Our 2+1 units are equipped with solar panels on the roof, are battery-powered which is perfect for off-grid location shoots. They also use recycled hand wash water, and each cubicle is separate – ideal for the post-COVID rules and regulations. These units are compact and our Honeywagon staff have a wealth of experience manoeuvring them into the types of small spaces typically found on production sets.

As a result of this, these units are the typical choice for productions, and we believe a necessary option for VIP’s. This is the easiest way to ensure the services you provide are not only clean, convenient, well-lit and well-maintained but they are also a home from home for those who use them. With LED strip lighting, soft hardware and porcelain sinks, your guests can step off the hustle and bustle of the set and immediately are met with the Honeywagon luxury experience we promise.

The same can be said for our luxury welfare units which become the social point of your production site. Our own name “Honeywagon”, is a common term used in the film industry to describe these types of large units which commonly contain wardrobe, hair & make-up and areas for food & drink.

Our welfare units have an additional toilet – separate from the other social areas which include a canteen-style seating area with tables, bench seating, charging points for mobile phones and electrical equipment and of course a kitchenette which provides the perfect little area for preparation of food & drink. They also have built in CCTV which is state-of-the-art in the current welfare unit market. Really, they have it all!

We know from the sets we have supplied so far that you may be more comfortable having a man on site at all times – in which case we can provide this as an option to you also. We are able to have a Honeywagon staff member as a permanent fixture, on-hand to cope with changes in locations and any unexpected… well, actually in Scotland’s case – expected changes in the weather.

We have been busy supporting some of the biggest names in tv, film and fashion with these very units – again, we don’t want to name drop but as your forcing us…

We have been privileged to provide our portable toilet units, portable shower units and welfare units to many notable productions, including The Fast and the Furious, cult-favourite Outlander, the latest Netflix hit Behind Her Eyes and Dead Water Fells, to name but a few. Alongside this we have also been lucky to provide our Honeywagon services to luxury brands such as Stella McCartney, Aston Martin and Lexus who have all filmed adverts and campaigns here in Scotland.

These types of shoots usually require larger production units which provide much needed, sheltered areas for such activities as wardrobe, hair & make up and on-site office space for cast and crew. We are able to provide our luxury production trailers to any location, providing you with additional workspace to create and congregate for discussion.

Our experience collaborating with this industry has cemented what we knew already – when it comes to luxury production welfare service hire in Scotland, Honeywagon provides the best. We also operate with discretion something which is vital within this industry – we don’t supply and tell, shhh!

Criticism can sometimes be levelled at the film and tv industry suggesting they have a detrimental effect on the environment. We believe this is unwarranted, but we also accept that every industry should be doing its best to make sure that it operates in the most environmentally conscious way it can.

This is something we have chosen to implement in all our facilities, and we are wholly committed to making sure that facilities which will always be necessary are at least using recycled water and paper. After all, the only way to secure the longevity of this new and prospering industry in Scotland is to make sure that our landscape remains as beautifully untouched as it currently is.

As with all our units, they are sprayed in our token Honeywagon grey, which is sleek, elegant and more in line with the aesthetics and glamour this industry is famed for.

Like our film and television stars, Honeywagon units always like to look their best which is why we can provide regular cleaning and maintenance of our units throughout the time you hire them ensuring they are sparkling, fully stocked and camera-ready whenever they are used.

When it comes to showbiz, we all know it’s not what you know – it’s who you know. If you know Honeywagon, then you’ve pretty much secured the DiCaprio of the portable toilet hire and portable welfare hire suppliers in Scotland.

We intend to be the nation’s premier providers to your production sets, offering our industry expertise, quality services and you’ll be hard pushed to find Scots who can beat the local knowledge that our boys have.

We love our country; we love film and tv – and we’d love to see our services supporting such a wonderful opportunity for Scotland to be seen and admired the world over.

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