Coronavirus Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets after Coronavirus

Okay, we are (and I am using the royal ‘we’ right now) kind of tired of hearing about Coronavirus. Yes, it is tragic in every way, this pandemic that has hit the world. The NHS and all key workers and frontline staff have been in the trenches pulling this country out of this horrendous situation. Not forgetting; care home workers, the delivery people, charities, news anchors, MP’s, police, teachers and also just day-to-day people. We as a society have really dug deep. Okay, we may have been fighting this invisible war by sitting on our behinds, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, life as we know it may never go back to how it used to be; say goodbye to blowing out birthday candles and then passing it around to friends and family to eat; say goodbye to handshakes with strangers – but hey, let’s just be thankful for what we do have and the time that we have had during this period to sit back and reflect, prioritise what is the most important; health, family and happiness.

Portable Toilets After Lockdown

Moving forward, lockdown is loosening, we are allowed to venture out the house for as much exercise one would want. Governments are introducing stages to get back to our new normal; first exercise, second meeting with different households in an open space, parks opening up, golf courses and other outdoor places to reopen, then hopefully schools, restaurants, pubs, events…who knows, I don’t even think Nicola or Boris know.

So how can we help our local area get back to the new normal? Yes, we are only a portable toilet hire company based in Loch Lomond but we do travel the length and breadth of Scotland delivering portable toilets, chemical toilet hire and luxury loo hire for every occasion or need. How can we help with the reopening and social distancing of the future? Our portable toilets have just been re-stocked for 2020 so they are very, very new; our plastic portable toilets come with hand sanitiser dispensers, or hand washing sinks, easy lockable doors, and hand pump flush. We are now offering daily and even twice daily cleaning to sanitise and disinfect our toilets after use. We also advise over ordering our portable toilets so that this minimises the use of a single toilet. Our portable toilets for hire can be spaced 2 metres apart to allow the actual portable toilets to have their own section to allow social distancing queues too if needed. When schools go back to having children attend, portable toilets may be installed outside to allow key worker children to have their own toilets for example. Further, for cafes or restaurants being able to open up safely perhaps our portable toilets will allow them to do this so not to put a strain on their own in-house toilets.

Our portable toilets can be used to help the UK get back on its feet after this terrible situation, we are only a short phone call away!

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