Portable Toilet Hire In Edinburgh

Edinburgh the capital of Scotland, located on the Central East of the country in Lothian. Edinburgh is hugely historical and is home to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament; Holyrood, and the city is trailblazing for the financial centre of the United Kingdom coming in second to London. With over half a million residents of the city of Edinburgh the city has lots to offer our small island such as; National Museum of Scotland, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh International Festival, Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Castle, Greyfriars, Edinburgh’s Old Town and New Town, Edinburgh Dungeon, Murrayfield Stadium and of course, where Harry Potter was created!

Portable Toilet Hire Across Edinburgh

With so much to offer, no wonder Honeywagon Co. is always working in Edinburgh to provide portable toilets, portable hand sanitiser bays, luxury toilet trailers and service attendants for all the different events Edinburgh provides throughout the year.

With the current world climate of Covid-19 infiltrating every part of society, there is no doubt that events will never be like we once knew it. Our children’s children will look back on our time throughout the last 40 years as strange and abnormal. We had the opportunity to float around the country socialising with people from around the world, we would celebrate next to strangers shoulder to shoulder chanting our favourite songs, we would share drinks with our fellow party-goers. Unfortunately, I think these days will be in the past and we will be more adherent to social distancing measures. Social distancing at festivals, weddings, events will need to find a new normal, more hand sanitiser bays in place, capped numbers, contactless payments, temperature testing at the door, toilet attendants on site to ensure hygiene and cleanliness for public toilets. The increase of portable toilets and hand sanitisers will need to be implicated in the like of the Edinburgh Fringe or Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party to stop the spread of viruses such as Coronavirus. The likes of Zoom, Skype and interactive online sessions cannot replace the ambience of a festival or wedding, in is unthinkable that we won’t be able to party like It was 1999 again, but if we take away anything from this horrendous outbreak – in regards outdoor events and festivals – is hygiene is paramount… and bring your own cup, BYOC!

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