Portable plastic toilet’s for Construction

Portable plastic toilets – how do we make this sound sexy? Eh, well you can’t. Nonetheless, our portable plastic toilets (not to be confused with ‘portaloo’s’ this term is patented and you cannot, I repeat cannot use this word; wait did we just use it?) Anyway, our portable plastic toilet’s, our red range! Are designed especially for construction sites, building sites, landscaping sites, or even you are just building some Ikea bookshelves, our plastic, single toilets are ideal for all your building needs. Our single plastic toilets come equipped with; a locking door (always handy), loo roll, soap, clean fresh water for the sink, toilet with toilet seat, air vent and rest assured they are clean. We are real sticklers here at Honeywagon Co.

we love to clean, personally we do not want any T-in-the-Park portable toilet vibes, we like our reputation to be clean and sparkling like our portable toilets. We deliver to site with clean plastic toilets, we set up on site, we will give the portable toilets a once over on site and then the rest is up to you.

We will come to your site and service weekly, dang it we will come daily if you like! Our portable plastic toilets, are the perfect add on to your construction site, if you are on a construction or building site for a long period of time, we deem this as an opportunity for some free-advertising for you! So why not brand our portable plastic loo’s for rent with your own branding, fire our team your logo and we will get it printed into a sticker and pop it on our unit’s for you. Our red, portable plastic toilet range – coming to a building site near you…

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