Commercial Luxury Toilet Hire

Luxury wedding toilet hire in Scotland

Luxury wedding toilet hire in Scotland can be a mine field. What we at Honeywagon Co. have noticed when cultivating information from the luxury wedding toilet hire industry over the past decade is the mundane products and for lack for a better word, no je n’ais ce quoi in the industry. Yes wedding toilet hire is hardly the most riveting subject to broach upon or discuss in detail, surely there is not a lot to it. Your guests need somewhere to go to the bathroom at your outdoor wedding or marquee hire wedding, and you just need a toilet! WRONG! What does everyone talk about at T in the Park, minus the yearly lunatic that would climb up the telegraph pole dressed as Spider Man and make the live band pause, they talk about the state of the toilets. Unfortunately, we live in a time that people are more inclined to pick up on a flaw than remember the ninety nine details that were flawless. Yes, it is sad to admit this and to even agree to the fact that our friends and family will notice and even comment on a minor set back or overlook at your big day, and perhaps we are being cynical but as we see it lets give the people no room to comment on your luxury wedding toilets.

At Honeywagon Co. our luxury wedding toilets that we hire for wedding’s are manufactured with ever detail thought about. Our fully white wash down walls with gloss effect is lined in each of our cubicles and in our waiting area of our luxury portable toilets. This means that they are easily wiped down, do not mark and you can noticeably see how clean the white walls are in our luxury wedding toilets. Our cubicle doors and frame are dark wood with individual locks, each cubicle also has an LED spot light with two roll toilet roll dispensers, sanitary swing bin and porcelain toilet bowl. Our luxury wedding toilets have porcelain sinks and a full walled mirror with backing LED lights to optimise the space and a large vanity side board, this will allow you to reapply your lip liner easily without balancing a hand sanitiser and your mobile phone in one hand and your brand new bag in the other without it touching the floor. Our luxury wedding toilets are clean, slick, cleaned in house throughly and then further inspected once they have been delivered to you. Before we leave your wedding venue or wedding marquee we walk around the luxury wedding toilet with you to make sure you are happy, understand how everything works and voila you have an exceptionally clean, fresh and crisp luxury wedding toilet.

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