We offer modern shower block hire for events & projects. Affordable & flexible short-term and long-term options available.

If anyone knows a little something about messy jobs – it’s Honeywagon!

We also know that it is becoming commonplace in many industries to provide on-site shower facilitates to staff. The reason we know this, is because we were inundated with enquires about this service and so we knew we had to up our game and look to provide our luxury Honeywagon services to events and projects in and around Scotland.

Our stand-alone portable shower units are everything you need to make sure that your staff have a suitable area to wash up either before or after the day is done.

Our units are completely self-sufficient and use recycled water – sounds disgusting right? But it’s not! This is the next innovation with regard to portable shower units and as you know, we here at Honeywagon are innovators and pride ourselves on being environmentally-savvy. We forever intend to make sure all our facilities are as eco-centred as possible whilst still being top of the range. This applies to our luxury portable shower units which do not scrimp on luxury features.

Included in our standard units is a hot running shower – again, using recycled water – a bench to rest and get ready, a hook to hang your towel and some fresh clothes and a small sink with mirror above to make sure you’re looking so fresh and so clean when you walk back out to greet the adoring public.

This is a simple and effective way to enhance your working environment so that staff feel their every need is being catered for. Now of course, there are some industries which will need this more than others.

For instance, the self-catering holiday industry in Scotland is booming with camping grounds, caravan sites and – our personal favourite – glamping pods popping up in all types of locations. However, most recently we have seen an increase in these types of sites appearing in locations which are hard to reach and far from mains electricity and drainage. Our portable shower units offer an excellent solution to this issue and are a desirable selling point for customers which will set your site apart from the rest.

As well as this,  production sites typically include portable showers, but if you want to provide the kind of luxury experience that is closely aligned to the film and television industry then a Honeywagon luxury portable shower unit is certainly the way to do it. These units are the best on the current market which our film and tv stars are used to. They also mean that even remote locations being used for shoots can provide quality amenities to everyone on set, becoming a safe and luxurious way to wash away the messes and stresses of that day’s filming.

Similarly, we know that these potable shower units are popping up more and more across the festival and events industry. Whilst festivals are famed for being a time when people throw there usual grooming schedules out the window in favour of the sights and smell of the arena, the luxury festival experience is garnering quick pace. Pop up tents and shower via a bottle of discarded Evian is becoming a thing of the past, and in its place, we see the introduction of luxury TeePee’s and fully serviced luxury potable shower units.

And why shouldn’t your staff and guests expect these types of services? After all, events which last this long become a mini holiday of sorts and you’d unlikely pick a hotel abroad which did not come equipped with quality bathroom and shower facilities.

These are easy ways to pitch your upcoming event as something worth being seen at. Given that the majority of us live our lives online, it’s important to be camera ready at any point and this is something that’s possible when you add Honeywagon luxury portable shower units to your event and festival facilities.

Alongside these types of events, it can often be necessary for sporting events and outdoor sporting fixtures to be able to provide portable showering facilities to those in attendance. Again, these can be filthy and sporting players always like to clean up and change before going out to relax post-match.

Hiring a luxury portable shower unit also extends the capacity of your fixture or can mean that otherwise overlooked fixtures can now be used for games and events. With our units those attendees will not notice the difference between them and regular showering facilities – luxury, quite literally, on tap!

Regardless of the type of event, production or industry to work in and around people like to think that they are experiencing cutting-edge, modern and luxury facilities. Gone are the days of coming home with the smell of the last four days wafting around you and instead we offer you a crisp, convenient and luxurious bathing experience delivered to your venue.

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