Luxury Toilets VIP Wedding

Luxury Portable Loo’s for Outdoor Weddings

Planning a Scottish wedding is hard, planning a Scottish outdoor wedding is arguably harder. The Scottish weather can be unpredictable to say the least. Planning a Scottish wedding in the great outdoors, from Edinburgh all the way to Dumfries, or from Glasgow all the way to Inverness can be a mine field, and for the normal bride or groom to be, it can be difficult to know where to start. When you are planning your Scottish outdoor wedding the last thing you are going to think about is portable toilets. So much more takes priority rather than where your guests are going to go to the bathroom, but we believe that you should put a bit of thought into your outdoor portable toilet hire.

We aren’t saying that portable toilet’s should have as much thought as your bridal bouquet or dress – obviously, but more often than not, guests (especially fussy one’s – we all know at least one or two) will remember the situation with your portable toilet’s for your outdoor Scottish wedding. So that is why with our portable loo’s – we like to call them Honeywagon’s – we think it make’s them sound a bit more la-de-dah rather than ‘portable toilet’s’; are so fresh and clean.

All our Honeywagon’s or portable luxury VIP toilet’s are cleaned in-house by ourselves, we do not rely on anyone else cleaning our portable toilet’s we like to make sure they are sparkling clean! Put it this way if our toilet’s aren’t up to scratch, this reflect’s on us; so we like to be reassured that our portable luxury toilet’s are ‘HINCHED!’ Apart from cleaning our Honeywagon’s in-house with the freshest smelling products – such as; Zoflora (If you know, you know) we also stock amazing smelling soap and moisturiser from The Scottish Fine Soap Company – their ‘Sea Kelp’ range – it is incredible – and will no doubt leave a lasting impression for all the right reason’s for your guests. Our portable luxury toilet’s also come stocked with thick, good quality hand towels and loo roll – sorry there are no Andrex Puppies with our portable toilet’s but they are still worth renting for your Scottish wedding!

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