Honeywagon Trucks with toilets

Luxury Honeywagon Loo’s for Production’s

Here at Honeywagon Co. we have been so lucky to work with some amazing production companies over the past few years. Scottish production is exceedingly popular currently, and no wonder, have you seen our beautiful scenery we have on our doorstep? From the Three Sister’s Valley’s in Glencoe to the depths of Loch Lomond we have it all and now production companies from not only Scotland and the UK but from all over the world are flocking to Scotland to film their next campaign or advert.

With major filming taking place in Scotland such as Poldark, Pokemon, Outlander and of course River City all happening in the beautiful landscapes of Scotland, Scottish Production is booming! For all productions in Scotland what is it you need without fail? A portable toilet! Guess what we can help with for your Scottish productions? Portable toilets – it is a match made in cinematic heaven! Our Honeywagon’s are on point and ready for all production needs and we can offer numerous ranges for you! Firstly we have our portable single plastic toilets – these are clean and practical.

Our portable loo’s are grey and green and blend into any landscape, they even come with sinks – they do exactly what they say in the tin and are ideal for quick, easy and assurance on your production set. Secondly, we have our Portable luxury portable toilet trailers – these come in numerous sizes – 1+1, 2+1. 3+1 – basically this kind of math means – 1 ladies, 1 gents cubicles or 2 ladies, 1 gents cubicles and 2 urinals or 3 ladies, 1 gents cubicles and 3 urinals – It isn’t trigonometry but it’s handy to know what these numbers mean! All our luxury portable toilets for production companies come equipped with hand towels, loo roll, soap, moisturiser, heaters, LED lights – and they look pretty blinking good too – clean, crisp, fresh and streamlined.

Thirdly, we can offer for your production our super, high-tech fancy production range especially for production in the hills, glens, lochs and remote locations – our 2+1 Production Honeywagon Range consists of (drum roll please); 3 cubicles equipped with toilet, sink, LED lights and lockable doors. However, what makes this range ideal for production is the fact that it can be run off-grid – yes, you read right – off-grid – meaning no, nada, non – generator needed. These portable toilet trailers, have solar panels and back up batteries which means they can run without the use of power – meaning if you want a shot on top of Ben Nevis and Angelina Jolie need’s the bathroom – we have you covered.

PS: We also offer our very own staff to be on hand during your production if you do so wish. We know that as a production company, getting the perfect shot is imperative; our staff are keen and able to help and move our trailers to wherever you need them throughout the day, we promise to take no selfies with Angelina too!

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