Toilet Hire Setup

Loo-king Good

Here at the Honeywagon Co. we realise the importance of luxury. So often have we seen mediocre toilets for hire that you squirm when you see them. You start having flashbacks of festivals that you attended when you were younger and naïve, there wasn’t enough hand-sanitizer or loo roll in the world to erase the memories. Do not fear, leave the negative connotations you have with loo hire in the past, because all we hire is top of the range, high quality, thoroughly cleaned, luxury products that you will be proud to have at your event. All of our products are less than two years old, and everything is deep cleaned after every use, in-house.

We hire all different types of loo hire; we have our essential range which compromises of corporate, production, party only plastic loo’s. These plastic loo’s are only and solely used for intimate parties, corporate functions or production hire. This means that we can guarantee that your loo hire has not just come back from a 500 person three-day bender weekend.

From our essential range leads onto our luxury range. Our VIP section. This means Scottish Fine Soap Company hand soap and hand moisturiser. The range comes fully equipped with an ipod / iphone dock so you can play all your music throughout the loo unit. A heater inside both ladies and gents cubicles, different colour lights so you can pick whichever colour takes your fancy, locking individual cubicles and vanity mirrors. Your loo hire, no longer has to be an embarrassing after thought, have every part of your day oozing luxury with one of Honeywagon’s luxurious VIP loo unit’s.

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