Honeywagon Toilet Hire

Honeywagon Co. a background of our family run company

Honeywagon was established in October 2018 as NWL Honeywagon Co. LTD, but we prefer just Honeywagon Co. or HWCo.

2018 may not be that long ago, however, the knowledge of the events industry and hire sector has been running through Sam Newall’s (founding director) blood since he was a student at Stirling University back in 2009.

Portable toilet hire wasn’t necessarily at the forefront of Sam’s mind when at university studying business and law, however, partying and events was! Buying his first bit of hire equipment from Glasgow’s Sub Club at 18 years old, their old sound system was hired out to local university parties, friends birthday’s and so on. Maturing from this phase of his life, Sam found himself working for his family business in renewable energy, a great passion of his grandfathers and fathers, sourcing new technology that would benefit the environment. It would be by running his own portable toilet hire business that the two world’s of hire equipment and renewable energy would collide.

Fast forward to 2018, Sam opened Honeywagon Co. the name derived from USA slang word for vacuum truck for emptying septic waste – glamorous huh? These trucks actually started as horse-drawn carriages for emptying waste and now, predominantly in the film and television industry, ‘Honeywagon’ usually refers to a set of toilets used by cast and crew. Honeywagon now has a vast range of different toilets and a large number of events, festivals, weddings, party’s, productions, sports races and lots more that we are super proud of.

Integrating the renewable technology into the business came in the form of one of Scotland’s first Honeywagon toilet trailer that has solar panels to produce energy and allow the Honeywagon to run off-grid. These Honeywagon’s are new to the market and substitute electricity for solar panels, with a battery too. Further this Honeywagon uses the waste water from hand washing into the tanks for the toilets flush. Sam and Honeywagon are constantly trying to ‘do our bit’ for saving energy and reducing waste, be it recycled toilet paper and hand towels, bio degradable cleaning products, reducing plastic, re-filling our plastic bottles instead of replacing and so on; Honeywagon is always striving to be market leaders in the toilet hire industry in Scotland to become more green.

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