Our Honeywagon is perfect for adding on to your event, party or wedding. Our luxury accessible unit comes fully equipped with Scottish Fine Soap’s both hand wash and moisturiser, paper towels, loo roll and paper towel bins. Our unit’s have chrome finishes and dark, grey finishings throughout with bright white walls. All sinks have fresh running water, vanity area, spot LED lights, strip lights behind the mirror and electric heating.

  • Urinal: Our Honeywagon 4-man urinal’s are perfect for adding on to your event, party, festival or sporting event. Our portable urinal’s come fully equipped with; individual bays and a place to put your drink/glass. The exterior is dove grey with a well ventilated exterior to reduce odours. Accommodating up to 4 people at once, it avoids big queues and increases the waste capacity without the need of transporting additional toilets to the event or festival site.
  • Showers: Our Honeywagon 6 person portable shower trailer’s are perfect for adding on to your event, party, festival or sporting event. Our portable shower trailers, comes with 6 unisex individual cubicles, with high pressure showers with hot water, separate drying area for changing inside the cubicle with seating and handy hooks. The trailer requires mains electricity and a water supply and drainage for grey water. We supply LPG gas for the hot water boiler with your hire.
  • Hand Sanitiser Stations: Our Honeywagon portable hand sanitiser station’s are perfect for adding on to your event, party, festival or sporting event.The exterior is dove grey, straightforward and convenient hand sanitising station for any occasion. The hollow pyramid shape makes it easy to manoeuvre and stack for transport and storage. The stations are 76cm wide at the base, meaning it is very stable for its lightweight. Our station’s hold 4 dispensers, for extra precautions the unit’s can also be staked to the ground if needed.
  • Servicing: Our Honeywagon team offer a fantastic, personalised service for waste emptying our portable toilets or your own septic tank or welfare unit. With our customised Guly suckers, we can remove unwanted waste, and pressure wash the unit to make sure it is clean and sanitised. Our team can advise how often you require the unit to be serviced going forward, we can also offer services of cleaning welfare units or toilet trailers or plastic toilets.


Perfect for:


  • Urinals
  • Showers
  • Hand Sanitiser Stations
  • Servicing

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