2 + 2 Bay Toilet Unit

Our Honeywagon Our 4 bay Honeywagon toilet trailer is perfect for intimate parties, weddings , events or production hire. Our 4 bay unit can hold approximately 100-150 guests for up to 8 hours. Our medium-sized luxury unit comes fully equipped with hand wash, paper towels, toilet roll and paper towel bins. Our 4 bay Honeywagon toilet trailer has chrome finishes and dark, grey finishings throughout with bright white walls. All sinks have fresh running water, (supplemented if and when required with fresh water from the high level tank.) It can also operate with fresh water direct from the mains or gravity fed from the top tank. The unit with solar panels and 12v battery can be run off-grid in remote locations or it can be plugged into a power source to run the unit and also charge the battery. The unit also comes with vanity area, spot LED lights and electric heating.

Perfect for:


  • Approximately 100-150 guests for 8 hours use
  • Height: 2500mm
  • Width: 1828mm
  • Length: 4267mm
  • 2 x Ladies Cubicles and 2x Gents Cubicle
  • 2 x Ladies Cubicles and 2x Gents Cubicle
  • Electrical Cable
  • Chemical and Fresh Water
  • Steps and Hand Rails
  • Blown Air Heating
  • !2 Volt Battery
  • LED Lights
  • LED Lights in steps
  • Push Flush Porcelain Toilet
  • Toilet Roll and Dispenser
  • Paper Towel and Dispenser
  • Vanity Mirror
  • Easy Lock Rotary Latch
  • Hand Soap
  • Paper Towel Waste Disposal Bin


2+2 Floor Plan

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