2+1 Production


Our 2+1 Production Honeywagon is perfect for smaller events and productions. Our unit can hold 175 guests for up to 8 hours. Our compact unit comes fully equipped with Scottish Fine Soap’s both hand wash and moisturiser, paper towels, loo roll and paper towel bins. Our unit’s have chrome finishes and dark, grey wood throughout. This unit doesn’t only look great but it is extremely practical; the system uses water collected from the hand wash basins, (supplemented if and when required with fresh water from the high level tank.) It can also operate with fresh water direct from the mains or gravity fed from the top tank. The unit with solar panels and 12v battery can be run ‘off-grid’ in remote locations or it can be plugged into a power source to run the unit and also charge the battery.

Perfect for:


Length: 13’ Width: 6’5” Height: 8’2” Plus 3’ for steps


  • 2 x cubicles (porcelain toilets)
  • 1 x urinal (porcelain)
  • 3 x porcelain sinks
  • 175 guests for 8 hours
  • Solar panel on roof
  • Blown air heating
  • 12 volt battery
  • LED lights (spot lights and strip lights that change colour)
  • LED lights in the steps
  • Scottish Fine Soap and hand moisturiser


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