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Hand wash vs Hand sanitiser

At Honeywagon Co. we have been researching what is the best way to wash your hands. A vital aspect to using our facilities and now more than ever with Covid-19. We know that in March supermarkets across the UK, hand sanitisers were (along with toilet roll) stripped from the shelves in the panic buying ‘essentials’ when everyone seemed to think the world was going to end. Fun fact; hand sanitiser was patented in 1966 by Lupe Hernandez a student nurse from California in the absence of hand washing facilities. In 2009 we saw a huge increase of 70% when the outbreak of Swine Flu H1N1. From that surge marketing of them has changed them from a strong clinical smell and in commercial containers to now; easy, pocket-sized and even bubble gum scented gel.

Hygiene experts, NHS and Public Health England all agree that in order to kill the majority of viruses you require the sanitiser to have at least a 60% alcohol content. It has been studied that viruses are in fact in most cases more resistant to disinfectants than bacteria, the good news that Coronavirus is ‘an envelope virus’ meaning it has a coating around it which the sanitiser can attack eliminating the threat! The home-made sanitiser however is not effective as the alcohol content in vodka or the like is not strong enough.

The first and arguably the best solution is to wash your hands, I’m sure everyone has heard the NHS guidelines that this is to be done thoroughly and for 20 seconds, approximately the same time it takes to sing two versus of ‘Happy Birthday’, or an alternative in Glasgow there are plenty of short songs we like to sing.

We are lucky that our luxury toilet hire fleet comes with hand wash basins which are heated and come with luxury soaps that allow you to wash your hands thoroughly and enjoyably. For our construction toilet hire units they are fitted with hand sanitiser dispensers or sinks with a foot pump. We also have hand sanitiser stations available to hire in and around Glasgow, which have been popular for festival and event toilet hire. We are expecting that when businesses in Glasgow go back to work toilet hire will be a huge part of making sure business are adhering to social distancing.

We are hoping we can do our part in helping the UK get back to work and stay safe with luxury toilet hire in Glasgow and construction toilet hire in Glasgow. We are also excited about the filming industry in Scotland coming back with a boom and with our toilet hire facilities and hot hand wash and or hand sanitiser bays we can help to keep everyone safe.

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