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Whatever we said… whatever we did…we didn’t mean it… we just want you back for good!

Who are we talking to? Charity events, charity galas and our local charity shops of course!

Okay, okay – we’re being silly, but we mean it. It’s almost time to start welcoming back these types of events into our calendar, and we cannot wait!

As we all (fingers crossed!) move closer towards a world which resembles normality, it’s possible for us to start thinking about what that might look like and how this life-changing experience will permanently change our perceptions of life, how we spend our money and where we focus our time and energy.

We believe that one thing we should all be looking forward to is giving back to those who have helped us through this time including our beloved NHS and local charitable services.

The unwavering support of the individuals behind these sectors should never be forgotten, and whilst the majority of us have only been able to support these folks with our weekly doorstep clap and donating to the noble efforts of Sir Captain Tom Moore, here at Honeywagon we intend to forever make it a priority to shine a well-deserved light on our local heroes – many of which we are lucky to call friends and neighbours.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, one in three charities across the United Kingdom have reported a monumental increase in demand for their services and this is only likely to increase further as time goes on. This has coincided with over half of these same charities reporting dramatic reductions in the number of donations they have received – sadly meaning they have had to either temporarily or permanently suspend their services.

Now, no doubt this is circumstantial and hopefully only temporary due to the lack of charity functions, galas and local events which has been catastrophic to the fundraising potential of these agencies. So too is the lack of footfall in town centres, and subsequently in our local charity shops – the majority of which have remained closed like all other non-essential shops and services.

However, as a collective we must look forward and get ready to once again sign up for that charity marathon you’ve been saying you want to do for years or perhaps bake some of the sourdough and banana bread you’ve mastered over lockdown for your local charity coffee morning – whatever takes your fancy! The point is, we can start planning for a time when we can meet up, share our experiences and raise awareness for the causes we hold dearest to our hearts.

And how will these events likely take place, we hear you say? Well, we’re pretty good – but we can’t predict the future. One thing is certain however, there’s going to be a lot of them and Honeywagon would love to be there supplying our finest portable toilet units, portable shower units, VIP luxury toilet blocks and of course our towable welfare units – if this is something which your charity event would be required to hire.

We believe one thing that is almost definite, is when these charity events do kick off – and even given our unpredictable Scottish weather – the majority of these gatherings will be required to take place outside in the open air, at least in the initial stages of the gradual easing of restrictions.

Whilst this could put a lot of event goers off attending such events, we’re made of sterner stuff us Scots and we love a good cause! But to make sure your charity events go off without a hitch, make sure you have considered what necessary facilities will be required. Or to put it plainly – sort out your loos!

Just because these are charity events, does not mean they should not be beautifully turned out, expertly serviced and providing the most luxurious sanitary and welfare facilities Scotland has to offer. Honeywagon offers stand-alone hand sanitising stations which are a convenient way to ensure you’re helping to subtly promote the rules and regulations we have become so familiar with over this past year.

We have so far – and throughout the pandemic – been front and centre providing our own expert services to charitable events which have taken place and we want to make sure that when you are planning your upcoming charity event, the first name you think of when it comes to providing sanitary and welfare service, is Honeywagon.

We believe we provide a full package – we provide an experience to you as an organiser and to your guests. Why? Because Honeywagon equals luxury. Luxury in our facilities we provide which are the best the current market has to offer and  luxury in the customer service we guarantee which is second to none – that’s a promise!

Our wider company ethos includes a commitment to give back to our local charities. We can relate more now than ever to how quickly and easily people can fall into positions of need. For your next charity event we’d love to help by providing what we do best which is supplying luxury portable toilet units and welfare facilities – in fact, supporting the vulnerable with our facilities would be nothing short of an honour.

Whether these charity events take place indoors or outdoors, it’s going to be essential that the relevant health and safety risk assessments have taken place and that quality welfare provisions are in high supply so make sure there’s no mistakes so that we can all focus on giving back to those who deserve it.

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