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Our construction toilets offer a sanitary & affordable solution to construction projects across Scotland & nearby areas.

Construction sites are not synonymous with the term luxury – and why would they be? They’re dirty, messy and they’re not going to be there long enough to bother with quality on-site facilities, right? WRONG!

As an industry we need to move away from an attitude which presumes our builders have relatively low expectations when it comes to on-site facilities. Our boys on the tools work hard – and that should be rewarded with convenience, quality and cutting-edge units, such as the ones we supply to construction sites here at Honeywagon.

Our intention is to have an active role is in the provision of portable toilet units and welfare units to construction sites across Scotland. More than that –  and in line with our company mission – we believe our units offer you the best the market has to offer when it comes to quality and yes, luxury. 

The foundations of any expertly functioning construction site are built on adherence and quality with regard to health and safety. This is due to the fact that these areas can typically be dangerous, constantly changing and are more often than not exposed to the elements. They therefore require expert planning, consideration and implementation of welfare provisions.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines that as a basic requirement, construction sites should look to provide their staff and workers with the following sanitary conveniences; well-lit and well-ventilated toilets, in accessible areas which are kept clean and orderly. But who wants to be basic? Not us – and you shouldn’t want that for your site either.

Our Honeywagon stand-alone portable toilet units’ shudder at the word basic, because they take on-site welfare amenities to new heights. Our units are fitted with a flushable toilet, a hand sanitising station and are as well-lit and well-ventilated as they could be without compromising the modesty of those who use them.

As a family run business, we have been involved in preserving every fibre of what makes Scotland great for generations. Whilst the construction industry continues to soar, we do not believe this should come at the cost of our environment which is why we place so much of our focus on making sure our services are sustainable.

The next HSE stipulation relates to welfare provisions, namely drinking water, changing rooms and lockers as well as rest space for staff and workers. Well, you’re in luck!

Here at Honeywagon, we have invested in state-of-the-art portable welfare units – the best welfare units currently offered on the market. These units are the simplest and easiest solution to all the welfare needs of your construction site. They include:

  • a bathroom with flushable toilet and sink – separate from other areas,
  • a lockable drying room for staff to leave their uniform, equipment or tools in a safe a secure and sheltered area to reduce the risk of them being lost, stolen or damaged,
  • a designated kitchenette; complete with microwave, hand washing station and kettle.
  • canteen-style seating area for workers to rest and relax as well as enjoy their mealtimes.
  • And finally, our units have charging ports so employees can refuel themselves and their devices.

The short answer is these areas become a necessary gathering point for your workers to refuel in order that they can complete the work required to the best of their ability and that you as an employer also have your needs met in one self-contained, dedicated welfare space.

Where our Honeywagon welfare units are unique is the in the fact that they are towable – meaning we can easily reach any area a truck can reach and also, they can be skilfully manoeuvred into position by one of our own Honeywagon team – minimising the impact and again risk to your own on-site staff.

Additionally, all our portable toilet units, portable shower units and towable welfare units are completely self-sufficient and do not need to rely or interfere with your site at all. You’ll barely even know we’re there.

This also goes for the servicing of your portable toilet units and towable welfare units which we are more than happy to set up regularly cleaning and maintenance of. This ensures the clean, luxury element of all our facilities is expertly maintained by our Honeywagon professionals, leaving them in tip-top condition for you, your staff and any on-site visitors to enjoy.

Again, far from being basic – our towable welfare units are the crème de la crème in terms of the features they include. Our welfare units have built in CCTV which can be connected to your mobile devices, giving you 24/7 access to whatever is going on in and around your construction site. This is the future of on-site facilities and we’re encouraging you to get in on the action now!

When it comes to on site security and safety this is not an area in which you want to compromise on quality when choosing a provider. Our commitment to excellence has always been evident through the standard of the units we provide. The fact that our service is second to none is just something we throw in for good measure.

Construction sites become your own little ecosystem for however long you need them, and so the sanitary and welfare provisions you provide on-site really set the tone in terms of overall health and safety and welfare standards.

The only way to safeguard the cheeky-chappy atmosphere that underpins construction sites is by making sure worker welfare is managed appropriately with the support of Honeywagon portable toilet, portable shower and towable welfare services.

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