Cleaning – the oldest, new phenomenon

Prior to Covid-19 internet sensations and influencers were taking off in the past few years, no longer was it the rise of talent-fuelled actors and singers, or talentless reality stars but now household, ‘regular’ people were becoming more and more famous through vlog’s, Instagram and gaining their own YouTube channels. Probably and arguably one of the most famous ‘clean-fluencers’ is Mrs Hinch. Sophie Hinchliffe has been documenting her home, family and cleaning tips through social media which has seen her now release two number one best-selling books in the past year. Now our grandmothers and their grandmothers have been cleaning since the dawn of time, nothing new has been discovered when it comes to good-old fashioned cleaning, apart from fancy new chemicals and electric sonic scrubbers but the basic principles are the same.

Cleaning and organising sparks a healthy mind; fact. When your environment is clean, your mind is clean and free to enjoy other aspects of your life. This may sound cliché but at Honeywagon Co. we could not agree with this statement anymore. We take huge pride in our cleanliness and cleaning and we are not ashamed to say, we still use the old-fashioned elbow grease to get our luxury honeywagon trailers and portable plastic toilets sparkling clean.

Our favourite method’s to clean our luxury honeywagon toilets, and yes these points are bullet pointed and laminated in our office, so our in-house team can refer back to and make sure that each point has been done and cleaned thoroughly after each hire.

Gloves, Mask and Apron to be used at all times:

1. Empty all bins and old bin bags
2. Capful of Zoflora in each bin (half a cap in the sanitary bins) and then place a piece of kitchen roll on top – this allows the bin to stay fresh and smell nice
3. Replace all bin bags securely
4. Replace all hand towels and toilet rolls – so that each are brand new and full
5. Fill the Scottish Fine Soap Company’s soap and moisturiser – again so that they are full
6. Start by cleaning each cubicle: the toilet (best to get the worst over and done with first) flush through the system and make sure bowl is empty
7. Anti-bacterial method cleaner is what our choice is; clean all around the bowl, toilet seat and lid. We use paper towels so not to spread germs through cloths.
8. Bleach cannot be used in our recirculating luxury toilet trailers as it will cause them to foam, so we need to opt for eco, non-bleach products, we find the Tesco eucalyptus toilet cleaner is the best and leaves a long lasting smell
9. Fill a basin or bucket with hot water and add Zoflora and grab two Minky’s
10. Wash down doors, door handles, walls, ceilings everything with Zoflora and Wet Minky, dry with a microfibre cloth – do this in the cubicle and in the main area too
11. Capful of Zoflora in the toilet
12. Vanity mirror section – mirror – Mr Sheen window cleaner with added vinegar – we love this, streak free and works everytime
13. Sinks, taps and counter tops – Dettol Disinfectant Spray All in One white linen spray, the love for this is real and it kills 99.9% of germs
14. Floors – dependent on how dirty the floors get, this may need to be done once or twice or even three times after Ladies Day at the Races! We use diluted Zoflora to clean our floors, if there is dried grass or dirt best to sweep this up first before mopping.

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