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Giving Back, Keeping Safe & Raising Awareness | Honeywagon

Whatever we said… whatever we did…we didn’t mean it… we just want you back for good! Who are we talking to? Charity events, charity galas and our local charity shops of course! Okay, okay – we’re being silly, but we mean it. It’s almost time to start welcoming back these types of events into our

Agriculture | Honeywagon

It’s an important time in the world of agriculture here in Scotland with lots of exciting changes meaning there’s multiple opportunities to bring your products to the open market and be seen and appreciated for what you do. We know change can sometimes be met with reservations but if the last year has taught us

Smaller Weddings with more heart!!

When did we turn so American? I mean in the sense of size. Us Brit’s are known across the world for our manners, our politeness, our poise (they obviously haven’t been to Sauchiehall Street pre lock down) but our weddings now are getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps, we are all a lot more social now

2020 and Toilets What a Year…

Well 2020 is one for the books. No matter what industry, sector, age, career, gender you are, 2020 will go down in history as the year the world stood still. The portable toilet sector is no different, this year has been a shock to the equipment hire industry as most of us rely heavily on

Honeywagon Co. a background of our family run company

Honeywagon was established in October 2018 as NWL Honeywagon Co. LTD, but we prefer just Honeywagon Co. or HWCo. 2018 may not be that long ago, however, the knowledge of the events industry and hire sector has been running through Sam Newall’s (founding director) blood since he was a student at Stirling University back in

When will events and festivals get back to normal after Coronavirus?

Okay so at the time of writing this I need to let you know it is the 8th of September 2020 at 1.45 in the morning. I note the time and date in such detail as by the time this is published on our website (www.honeywagonco.com) the below information may be (probably will be) out

Portable Toilets after Coronavirus

Okay, we are (and I am using the royal ‘we’ right now) kind of tired of hearing about Coronavirus. Yes, it is tragic in every way, this pandemic that has hit the world. The NHS and all key workers and frontline staff have been in the trenches pulling this country out of this horrendous situation.

Luxury wedding toilet hire in Scotland

Luxury wedding toilet hire in Scotland can be a mine field. What we at Honeywagon Co. have noticed when cultivating information from the luxury wedding toilet hire industry over the past decade is the mundane products and for lack for a better word, no je n'ais ce quoi in the industry. Yes wedding toilet hire

Cleaning – the oldest, new phenomenon

Prior to Covid-19 internet sensations and influencers were taking off in the past few years, no longer was it the rise of talent-fuelled actors and singers, or talentless reality stars but now household, ‘regular’ people were becoming more and more famous through vlog’s, Instagram and gaining their own YouTube channels. Probably and arguably one of

Hand wash vs Hand sanitiser

At Honeywagon Co. we have been researching what is the best way to wash your hands. A vital aspect to using our facilities and now more than ever with Covid-19. We know that in March supermarkets across the UK, hand sanitisers were (along with toilet roll) stripped from the shelves in the panic buying ‘essentials’

Portable Toilet Hire In Edinburgh

Edinburgh the capital of Scotland, located on the Central East of the country in Lothian. Edinburgh is hugely historical and is home to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament; Holyrood, and the city is trailblazing for the financial centre of the United Kingdom coming in second to London. With over half a million residents of

Wedding Toilets

Wedding toilets are a great asset to your wedding venue or your wedding marquee. In Scotland the weather can be temperamental at the best of times, what is the saying, in Scotland there are two seasons; winter and June. Well unfortunately, we must make sacrifices for living in this lovely country. However, with wedding toilets

Marquee Toilets

You have planned your big marquee wedding, thought of every last detail from the; hanging floral chandeliers, to the bunting draping your marquee lining, to the dazzling fairy lights in you ceiling, the chequered LED light black and white dance floor, to the limewash Chiavari chairs surrounding your 6ft round tables and crisp white linen

Toilet Hire Glasgow

The last thing some might think about when planning an event is toilet hire, but it really is an important necessity to have at any event, the last thing you want guests to remember is queuing for a long period of time, when they could be enjoying themselves at your; party, event, wedding, festival and

Loo-king Good

Here at the Honeywagon Co. we realise the importance of luxury. So often have we seen mediocre toilets for hire that you squirm when you see them. You start having flashbacks of festivals that you attended when you were younger and naïve, there wasn’t enough hand-sanitizer or loo roll in the world to erase the

Portable plastic toilet’s for Construction

Portable plastic toilets – how do we make this sound sexy? Eh, well you can’t. Nonetheless, our portable plastic toilet’s, our red range! Are designed especially for construction sites, building sites, landscaping sites, or even you are just building some Ikea bookshelves, our plastic, single toilets are ideal for all your building needs. Our single

Luxury Honeywagon Loo’s for Production’s

Here at Honeywagon Co. we have been so lucky to work with some amazing production companies over the past few years. Scottish production is exceedingly popular currently, and no wonder, have you seen our beautiful scenery we have on our doorstep? From the Three Sister’s Valley’s in Glencoe to the depths of Loch Lomond we

Luxury Portable Loo’s for Outdoor Weddings

Planning a Scottish wedding is hard, planning a Scottish outdoor wedding is arguably harder. The Scottish weather can be unpredictable to say the least. Planning a Scottish wedding in the great outdoors, from Edinburgh all the way to Dumfries, or from Glasgow all the way to Inverness can be a mine field, and for the