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It’s an important time in the world of agriculture here in Scotland with lots of exciting changes meaning there’s multiple opportunities to bring your products to the open market and be seen and appreciated for what you do.

We know change can sometimes be met with reservations but if the last year has taught us anything – it’s that being adaptable is the best way to allow your business to prosper, no matter what kind of scenario pops up.

We don’t want to focus too much on COVID and how this has affected all our lives, because honestly – by now – we all know what we’ve been through. We think it’s better to focus on everything we have to look forward to and the times coming up which we will all spend together with family and friends.

In conjunction with the Scottish roadmap out of lockdown – and hopefully with the help of a few sunny days – we should be seeing outdoor shows and events springing up again across Scotland very soon.

We don’t want to appear biased but when it comes to outdoor shows and events, we don’t think anyone does it better than the folks involved in our Agriculture industry! Of course they do! They live off the land and rain or shine you can rely on them to get the job done and provide quality produce to all of us.

We think our Honeywagon spirit is closely aligned with that of our agricultural professionals. Firstly, farming in Scotland – and all over the UK – is typically a family affair. We too are a family-run business and so we know that this is more than just crunching the numbers. Farms are the blood, sweat, tears and dedication of multiple generations coming together and building upon what their mothers and fathers have done before them.

This is very much the same mentality we have at Honeywagon, we are hard-working, dedicated and we love what we do! What started as a family interest has morphed into a true passion project and we thank our lucky stars every day that this means we get to connect with so many of you.

Although like everyone else, we’ve had to hold off on supplying our service to events during lockdown, pre-COVID we were always at the forefront with our Honeywagon facilities at some of Scotland’s most auspicious agricultural events such as The Royal Highland Show, Fintry and The Drymen Show.

As we said, these are the types of events which are most likely to get the green light in these next few months as public gatherings yet again become fixtures in our diaries. Therefore, they’ll be the first industry dealing with the hurdles associated with post-COVID event management and could potentially be open to significant scrutiny if sanitation and facilities are not up to par.

Well, worry not! We’d love to work alongside our agricultural friends to make sure that every box is ticked when it comes to health and safety and the additional requirements which will be outlined by the Scottish Government.

As you already know if you’re familiar with our company, we take health and safety to be not simply a requirement but a fundamental responsibility of ours and something which our customers trust us to provide them with the best of the best. We’ll be making sure that all of our facilities are event-ready so you as the customer can focus on everything else.

We offer stand-alone portable plastic toilet units, hand sanitising stations which are an excellent addition to any event but particularly those that take place outside with lots of little hands that love to get into mud, grass and areas with animals close by. Alongside these welfare facilities we have for hire, we also offer welfare unit servicing so that you don’t need to worry about the upkeep of our portable toilet units for as long as they’re on your site.

It’s so important to us to be part of the wider effort here to get things back to normal in a safe and sustainable way and we believe that will be best achieved if we all work together to make sure that we are offering a suitable meeting point for our valued clientele who have so patiently waited to meet us once more.

It cannot be forgotten that the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. Now, we don’t dare talk about the politics, but we do believe that this is an interesting period of change for Scotland – as well as the rest of Britain.

Scotland is home to some of the finest produce that the UK has to offer the EU and the rest of the world and so the agricultural industry is likely to again have to adapt to new rules and regulations associated with this monumental change. This may mean alterations to current health and safety guidelines and Honeywagon will be sure to keep up to date with any changes and again make sure that they are delivered through the services we offer.

Whether you operate a fruit-picking farm or only run seasonal events such as Pumpkin picking or meeting good old Saint Nick – we have the facilities that you would need on site to meet the demands of your customers.

Seasonal events such as the ones we catered for our friends over at Pumpkin Patch Buchlyvie & Duff Farms are becoming a lot more popular. We provided our portable toilet units, which were subsequently serviced every two days to maintain the levels of cleanliness that you expect and that we love to provide our clients with. Family events and activity days have the potential to bring much needed income to farms – plus they’re fun, interactive and you can rest assured the kids will be asleep in the back seat on the way home… absolutely priceless if you ask us.

We can’t wait to once again meet so many of our valued customer and friends of our business. Honeywagon is ready and waiting for your call – we’ll see you there!

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