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Tried & Tested

After being in the events industry for what seems like far too long, the one thing we have taken away with us after thousands of event’s and wedding’s is, we know how to deal with stressful situations. We always say, we do not have the luxury of putting off something until the next day. We can’t sit on our thumbs waiting for a store to get something in stock the following day, we need something done there and now. There are no problems, there is only solutions. We have an open book policy, and we pride ourselves in being transparent with our clients. That being said, we feel that high pressure weddings, and opinionated (difficult) brides and grooms, more so than not, mother-of-the-bride’s, has led us on to handle production and filming.

No more ‘mañana’

We have had the pleasure working more and more with production companies and our can-do attitude see’s us being booked again and again.

With our custom trailer that we have built with large off-road tires allowing for more ground-clearance, allowing us to off-road into rural locations throughout Scotland proving popular with our clients. We have a fleet of Land Rover, Defender’s too with trained, capable drivers, again allowing us to tow your facilities into the most difficult, obscure, yet breathtaking positions.

We have a range of plastic loo’s, accessible loo’s and luxury VIP loo’s – we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and we know what makes your production run smoothly. Trust. Trust that your suppliers are going to provide what they said they would, and more importantly what you have budgeted and paid for. With our unit’s and our trained staff, you can guarantee that you can get on with your job without worrying about us.


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